Looking for information? Hopefully we have the answers here.
  • What is an escape room?
    • An Escape Room is a team challenge game in which you and your team enter a room and have 1 hour to figure out how to escape from the room, you do so by collecting clues, acquiring info, solving puzzles and using common sense.
  • Who can play?
    • Any person can play, but we recommend for kids to be over the age of 12 if not accompanied by adults.
  • What does it cost?
    • At Bergen Escape the rooms start at NOK 440,- per person, but go as low as NOK 300,- per person depending on the group size. Take a look at the booking for further price information.
  • Is it safe?
    • Yes, it’s completely safe. Our Gamemaster is observing via cameras.
  • Should I bring anything?
    • No need to bring anything other than yourself